After the resounding success of the first Driver Recruitment Program, which allowed eight drivers to join the official European NASCAR Series in 2018, the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series announced today its official recruitment program is back to offer drivers from all over the world the best opportunity to join Euro NASCAR in 2019.



Since its inception in 2009, the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series keeps establishing new records year after year. With 32 cars on track in 2018 and over 65 top level drivers to represent 22 different countries, racing on some of the best European tracks, the official European NASCAR Series is one of the most successful touring car championships in all motorsports, but its maximum potential is still far from being reached.

To further build on the series popularity among fans and competitors and strong of its unparalleled mix of on-track action, international exposure and affordable costs, NWES and its partners will offer to selected prospects to participate in a test during one of the recruitment test days that will be held in Europe between October and March. Following these tests, the best prospects will receive a financial contribution to their 2019 NASCAR Whelen Euro Series season.

The NWES Drivers Recruitment Program is open to all drivers:

  • Top drivers with the goal to make history and write their names in the NASCAR Hall Of Fame
  • Young talents willing to build themselves a NASCAR career
  • Female drivers eager to battle for the title and the Lady Cup
  • Drivers wanting to compete at high level and have great fun at affordable cost
  • Special development program for Karting drivers without car-racing experience

Drivers from all over the world can enter the program by submitting their resumes via email at

The first Recruitment Days are scheduled for October 3-4 at the NWES test track in Fontenay Le Comte, France.

Among the drivers that first approached Euro NASCAR through the Recruitment Program, Loris Hezemans and Alex Sedgwick are battling for the Junior Trophy in their first NASCAR season, while Alexander Graff, Mauro Trione, Francesco Sini and Pierluigi Veronesi are all racing in the ELITE 1 Division. Maxim Pampel and Nicholas Risitano joined the ELITE 2 Division and the latter is a Rookie Cup contender.



With its 400 HP thunderous V8, no electronic aids and a driving experience that fascinated some of the brightest stars in motorsports from NWES events to the Race Of Champions, the Euro NASCAR car has quickly become an ultimate challenge and a must drive for any kind of driver coming from diverse disciplines and chasing different goals: competing in one of the best series in Europe, building themselves a professional career in the USA or simply enjoying the unfiltered Pure Racing experience of driving a NWES car in spectacular American-themed events in front of thousands of fans.

Alongside the first dates in Fontenay Le Comte, France, more dates will be announced in the upcoming weeks.