V8 Racing is set to return to European GT4 competition this year with the unique and powerful Chevrolet Camaro GT4.R after signing championship stalwart Duncan Huisman and fast rookie Olivier Hart to pilot the American musclecar in the team’s sophomore season with the new-shape Camaro.

The 2018 season proved a challenging yet ultimately rewarding one for the Dutch team that has been so successful in the past. “Racing and developing a car that has only competed in the United States for the type of circuits the GT4 European Series visits wasn’t the easiest task”, recalls team manager Francesco Pastorelli. “But even though we are the sole team running the Camaro in Europe, we made a lot of progress throughout the season, with help from Pratt&Miller and Chevrolet and I am confident the hard work done by the team will be rewarded even further.”

V8 Racing will enter a single car for the season opener as the team is forced to miss the services of both Wolf Nathan and Luc Braams early on due to various reasons, meaning team owner Rick Abresch had to switch gears ahead of the season. “It was quite a challenge but I am confident we found a great combination of speed, youth and experience in our new line-up”, according to Abresch. Former champion Duncan Huisman has been a mainstay of the team for several years while V8 Racing has worked with gentleman racer and endurance-specialist David Hart as well, both on track and via sponsorship through Hart’s DHG company. It was this connection that brought his son, 20-year-old Olivier Hart into the V8 fold. “Duncan is our benchmark”, says Abresch. “With him you know you basically have one of the quickest guys out there and If your pair him with a young, talented driver like Olivier, you end up with an exciting line-up. We are definitely looking forward to these two working together at the first race of the season whilst I hope to welcome both Wolf and Luc back to the track soon.”

The team is currently slated to enter the lone Camaro GT4.R in the GT4 European Series but it is still working on entering the second car as well in the second part of the season. “I am quite sure we will be racing at full strength sooner rather than later this year with several interested drivers and projects in the pipeline, but for now, we are focusing on getting the utmost out of our car and this new and superfast line-up”, concludes Pastorelli.

The opening round of the GT4 European Series will take place on the legendary circuit of Monza. Over forty cars will take to the temple of speed on the 13th and 14th of April.